An industrial plant, once the height of glamour, nowadays a mechanical space, harsh and cold. In this degenerated and godforsaken world Moloch, a wayward machine which awakes from lethargy every now and again to stir up the worst human instincts. is in power…

Marcin Pazera

Marcin Pazera

director and multimedia artist.

Born in Tarnów in 1980. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, he worked on his degree in the Animated Film Studio at the Academy’s Faculty of Graphic Arts.

His relationship with the Academy continues, he’s currently working as a TA in the Animation Studio at the Faculty of Intermedia.
Pazera’s work draws from broadly defined new media. He authored multiple animated movies and illustrations.

“Moloch,” his directorial debut, received the Animago Award in 2006.